• 1、 Traditional culture
    One Essence: “Serving the people and cultivating benevolence.” This is the essence of TRT enterprise culture and fully reflects the excellent traditional Chinese culture.
    Two commandments: “no manpower shall be spared, no matter how complicated the procedures of pharmaceutical production are; and no material shall be reduced, no matter how much the cost is.” “We do things with our sincerity and trustworthiness even without supervision from others, because God sees.”
    Three words: virtue, honesty, faith
    Four phrases: “unique recipes, top-class raw materials, excellent workmanship and evident curative effect” and “safe and effective prescriptions, authentic and clean medicinal materials, recipe-based scientific technology and rational application of medicine targeting the symptoms.”


    2. Innovation culture
    Four cares: care for the society, care for employees, care for investors and care for business partners.

    Four operation principles and four development concepts: “independent operation, laying particular emphasis, sharing resources and mutual development” and “seeking for overall development of the brand, seeking for coordinated development, seeking for development with talents and seeking for development with culture as the guarantee.”

    Four employee criteria and three criteria for cadres: “attract people with TRT’s culture, encourage people with TRT’s spirit, manage people with a standardized system and repay people with excellent business achievements” and “faithfulness, selflessness and passion.”

    Four advocates and four opposes: Advocate sharing of weal and woe with TRT; oppose the one-sided emphasis on honor, rather than crisis. Advocate love of the posts and work with passions; oppose the pursuit for only favorable conditions rather than active conduct. Advocate sharing of responsibilities and rights and interests; oppose the one-sided kindness to oneself rather than dedication to the enterprise. Advocate honesty-oriented spirit and medicinal ethics as the standard. Oppose the stress for immediate interests rather than long-term development of the enterprise.

    3、Comprehensive summary
    Honesty culture: focus on both morals and profit with more emphasis on morals.
    Quality-oriented culture: focus on both quality and quantity with more emphasis on quality.
    Harmonious culture: focus on both people and business with more emphasis on people .

    4、Introduction of TRT being a national intangible cultural heritage
    TRT Chinese medicine culture is the generationlization of brand image, value orientation, quality culture,management ideas and team building. It has carried forward the cultural essence of TCM, has complied with the imperial pharmaceutical regulation, experienced over three hundred year practice and innovation, and integrated Chinese with western medicines.

    TRT is the inheritor of TCM culture. The theory of Chinese medicine is the essence of TCM culture, which absorbs the essential ideas from Chinese classical philosophy, Confucian and Taoism, especially emphasizes on “Integration of Heaven and Human Being”, and “Determination of Treatment based on Differentiation of Syndromes”, Since the establishment, TRT has been produceing and useing Chinese herbs in the guide of Chinese medicine theories. It collects and develops effective recipes and has been innovating and improving them in practice. It was literally recorded that there were near five hundred patent Chinese medicines in TRT by the end of Qing dynasty. The managing pattern of “Remedy Guided by Medicine” has been carried on till present.

    To serve royal courts is the unique feature of Chinese medicine culture in TRT. During the time of serving royal courts, TRT guaranteed the quality with its life. It adopted royal pharmaceutical techniques of supreme standard and cultivated the pharmaceutical moral of honesty and credit. TRT has further developed the old motto “No manopower should be spared, no matter how complicated the procedures of pharmaceutical production are, and no material should be reduced, no matter how much the cost is”; and has formed its pharmaceutical features of “Unique recipes, the best raw materials, and strict standards bring about excellent clinical performance and high reputation.”

    The value orientation of TRT comes from TRT’s original enterprising mission - “medicine is the best to promote health and help people”. It rightly embodies the cores of the Confucian of “benevolence, virtue and goodness”. Hence, “considering patients and customers as the most important” is the highest realm sought for by TRT.

    The quality culture of TRT is composded of an overall quality quarantee system and modern pharmaceutical regulations that take the therapeutic efficacy of drugs as the core. It can be generalized as “unique recipes, top-class raw materials, excellent workmanship and evident curative effect” and “safe and effective prescriptions, authentic and clean medicinal materials, recipe-based scientific technology and rational application of medicine targeting the symptoms.”. It is a kind of cultural ideas of high responsibility to drug quality. Such a quality culture has penetrated into pharmaceutical procedures, marketing and various administering works of TRT.

    The operation principle of TRT is “To take credit as the root, and take medical virtue as the lofty spirit”. It embodies the ideas of “making money through fair trade and seeking the coordination between enterprise profit and public welfare”, in which the patients are considered as the center. The culture reflects the thoughts of “virtue, honesty and credit”.

    The staff of TRT inherit and carry forward the culture and undertaking of TRT. They are a team with active and strong capabilities of inheritance and creativity, and they are the most powerful motive force for the development of TRT generation by generation. “Loyalty, Selflessness and Passion”; “Attracting people with TRT’s culture, encouraging people with TRT’s spirit, managing people with a standardized system and repaying people with excellent business achievements”. All of those embody the high standards and reguirements for work, as well as the sympathy, friendly affection and high responsibility to patients.

    The brand of TRT is the general reflection of Chinese medicine cutlture of TRT. It is the intangible assets of TRT and is the carrier, platform and foundation of TRT’s development. “TRT drugs are trustable.” This is the best comment on the brand of TRT by the public, the true reflection of “promoting health and helping people” adovated by TRT and is the best remark from patients.

    To protect the brand and intellectural property of TRT is the fundamental for the development of TRT culture. In history, TRT had been developing itself by depending on government in cracking down on false drugs, making family agreements and adopting specific management model. At present, the key to carry forward TRT culture is to protect the intangible assets of TRT according to law.