The old pharmacy got into trouble amid hardship


 On mentioning TRT, people all know that it is the Yue’s old pharmacy. But has the century-old TRT Pharmacy been always in the hand of the Yues? In history, TRT has gone through numerous hardships and great changes. In the seventh year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1742 A.D.), Yue Li, the man in control of TRT, suddenly applied for quitting from “undertaking official medicines” and it seemed that was a crisis to TRT.


The first real crisis to TRT was a fire in the eighteenth year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Although there was great support from the court, the loss was unrecoverable. Yue Li had passed away in the fifteenth year during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1750 A.D.). TRT was then managed by the eldest son of Yue Li called Yue Yizheng, who was assisted by his mother, wife of Yue Li. As there was a lack of operation capability and Yue Yizheng died young, TRT had great difficulty in running business and the situation became worse and worse. At that time, some officials in the Qing government loaned 5,000 liang of silver to TRT to help it repay the debt, but the situation did not change. Fortunately, Zhang Shiji invested funds to help TRT. He treated the Yues very well and gave them two shares. But TRT still couldn’t maintain its business with just the funds of the Zhangs. It had to recruit other people to become shareholders. The contract then would expire after 30 years. But after 30 years, the Yues still couldn’t operate independently. Then the contract was extended for 10 years. Later the Zhangs sold some of their shares to other families and there were more shareholders from other families. From a pledge contract signed in May of the twenty-third year of the reign of Jiaqing, you could find how complex the equity structure of TRT was.


From the above you could find that TRT had got into trouble and entered the low ebb at a point in history. Could TRT regain its power and glory? Who could rejuvenate TRT?


In the eleventh year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang, TRT got a new head. He was Yue Pingquan.