• Traditional Chinese medicinal materials are the material base of the industry of traditional Chinese medicine and directly affect the quality of traditional Chinese medicinal products. Medicinal Collection and Planting Regulations (GCAP) is to combine the advantageous features of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology and research, development, production and management according to the internationally recognized standard. It is the first step of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and is also the prerequisite of China’s traditional Chinese medicine to step to the international.

    In 2000, the company established the project group of traditional Chinese medicinal planting and started the research and implementation of breed selection and base site selection of GCAP management. From the beginning of preparation, the planting base of TRT has decided to apply the modern agricultural production mode of “company + base (scientific research) + farming households” into the medicinal materials production, which has effectively organized the scattered farming household production through marketing mechanism and has promoted the intensification and scale formation of China’s traditional Chinese medicinal production. This is in conformity with the orientation of the development of the agricultural traditional Chinese medicine.

    In major production bases of traditional Chinese medicines like Jilin, Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Inner Mongolia and Hunan, TRT has established 13 green traditional Chinese medicinal planting bases according to GCAP standard (7 of them have passed GCAP certification) with a total investment of ¥58,000,000. TRT will become the producer of medicinal materials and market supplier based on the supply of raw materials in the base.