R & D
  •  In March 2003, TRT Group started cooperation with China Research Institute of TCM, a TCM research institute with great influence in the international circle of traditional medicine and signed the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation, Agreement on Joint Building of Beijing TRT Research Institute and Letter of Intent on Joint Postdoctoral Training. This marked the formal cooperation of Beijing TRT with China Research Institute of TCM. TCM New Medicine (Compound) Development Project Research Center is one of four TCM research project centers approved by National Development and Reform Commission. It is jointly established by the two units and the joint venture — Beijing Zhongyan TRT Medicine R & D Co., Ltd. (shortened as “Zhongtong R & D”) Its establishment strengthens the integration of the industrial capital with the scientific resources. Its aim is to enhance the study of TCM compound and promote the industrial modernization of TCM. The new company will finish the construction of one system (establishing standardized and professional TCM compound medicinal R&D system) and two platforms (technical platform and service platform) to realize the industrialization of R & D results and enhance the overall scientific level of China’s TCM.

    Meanwhile, to provide strong technical innovation support for the sustainable development of the enterprise, the group established TRT Research Institute in 2006 with Zhongtong R & D as the main force. TRT Research Institute has established complete facilities for scientific research like plant assay laboratory, preparation room, instrument analysis room, pharmacology room and middle stage test workshop etc. There are also more than 550 sets of large scientific equipment such as near-infrared spectrograph, high liquid chromatography, full automatic mini-scanner, full automatic solid-liquid extraction system etc. And there are over 300 scientific research personnel. The group will continue to invest in the scientific research and promote the scientific research to consolidate the scientific research level of the enterprise.