Medical Service
  • Beijing Hospital of TCM is solely invested and founded by Beijing TRT Co., Ltd. It is a hospital of TCM with combination of medicine and medical treatment with the feature of TRT brand and TRT traditional Chinese culture.

    TRT was first founded in the eighth year (1669 A.D.) of the reign of Emperor Kangxi during the Qing Dynasty. It is a Chinese time-honored brand having worldwide reputation. Over the past 300 years, TRT staff members have been adhering to the full significance of the handed-down TRT’s commandment: no manpower shall be spared, no matter how complicated the procedures of pharmaceutical production are, and no material shall be reduced, no matter how much the cost is. With the unique recipes, best raw materials, excellent workmanship and marked curative effect, the products of TRT enjoy a high prestige at home and abroad.

    Beijing TRT Hospital of TCM is located in the front gate area of Beijing, covering an area of 9,500 square meters. It is built on the original address of the founder of TRT, the Yue’s mansion and the former pharmaceutical of TRT. The outward decoration of the hospital is in the architectural style of the Qing Dyansty and the interior decoration is filled with green and health concept, which combines the features of the ancient capital with the traditional Chinese medicinal culture.

    The hospital adheres to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine supplemented by western medicine and the principle of “large special and small general departments.” It establishes the expert outpatient service, general outpatient service, inspection center and wards. The expert outpatient service is a window to carry forward TRT culture, reflect the idea of serving the people and cultivating benevolence, establish and build up the academic brand of TRT Hospital of TCM. The expert outpatient department appoints dozens of experts on traditional Chinese medicine with excellent medical skills and ethics in Beijing and all over the country. The combination of the academic level of famous TCM experts, unique clinical effect and the TCM brand advantages has built up the management mode of excellent enterprise brand with famous experts and form the advantage of “integrating medicine and medical care”, which has satisfied the high level medical requirement and sub-healthy consuming group and provided excellent TCM medical care services for patients at home and abroad.

    The general clinic has TCM internal medicine department, TCM surgical department, TCM gynaecology, TCM dermatological department, department of acupuncture therapy, department of Chinese massage and internal medicine department, surgical department and gynaecology department of western medicine. Making full use of the advantage of TRT in TCM, the hospital also provides patients with sales service of medicine materical crude slices and precious traditional Chinese medicine, supported by the genuine medicinal materials, medicine materical crude slices and patent medicines of TRT. According to the disease prevention theory of TCM, the hospital also establishes counter for food therapy and health care to provide health care services like cooking soup with TCM and medicinal drinks.

    Based on the TCM features and advantage in TCM, the hospital also introduces modern medical equipment and technology. It has the photoelectric telemetering monitoring system from Japan, anaesthesia machine from France, RESMED respirator, Toshiba data X ray diagnostic machine, Konica data X ray generator system, blood cell analyzer from Swiss, Toshiba full automatic biochemical analyzer etc. According to the requirement of modernization and digitalization, the hospital strengthens information building and implements the digitalization and scientific management of medical care, medical technology, drugs, wards, nursing and services through the HIS, LIS, PACS and financial and administrative systems. This has not only brought convenience for the patients but also enhanced the modern management level of the hospital.

    Beijing TRT TCM Hospital will adhere to the core principle of “serving the people and cultivating benevolence” and stick to the development strategy of “famous hospital, famous departments, famous doctors and famous medicine.” It will provide convenient and considerate quality healthcare services for patients at home and abroad with its benevolence, honesty and quality medicines.