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The Cow-Bezoar Bolus for Resurrection was invented by Wu Jutong, a renowned doctor of the Qing Dynasty,on the basis of an ancient recipe, Later, it was spread from the royal court to Tongrentang, saving numerous lives." Angong(comforting gong)"Refers to comforting the heart. It is made of ingredients which can clean off heat and toxic substances eliminate phlegm for resuscitation and relieve convulsion. The Angong Niuhuang, Zhibao and Purple Snowy pills are called the Three Treasures for Removing, Heat and Restoring Consciousness. In particular,the Cow-Bezoar Bolus for Resurrection is venerated as the head of the three treasures.
Removing heat and toxic substances, relieving convulsion, and restoring consciousness Indications: Fever, irritation, spasm, coma, and abnormal speech Clinical applications: The product is used for the treatment of 1.Cerebrovascular accidents, such as cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, and cerebral embolism. 2.Severe onset of cerebrovascular diseases.  3.Various encephalitis, severe pneumonia, and toxic dysentery with high fever