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Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Indonesia) Co., Ltd.



Store Introduction:

 Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Indonesia) Co., Ltd. started its business in Jakarta on June 29 2004. Over the past four years, it has invited many excellent traditional Chinese medicine practitioners from famous traditional Chinese hospitals in Beijing to offer treatment. To date it has received over 30,000 Indonesian patients, many of whom came from places afar like Bandung, Bogor, Medan and Surabaya. In the four years’ time, we have brought excellent traditional Chinese medicine culture and quality traditional Chinese medicine products to Indonesian people through Tongrentang clinics, relieving pains of many patients and also disseminating knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine healthcare among numerous Indonesian people. The various nourishing soups and boiled healthcare chicken soup are also well received by the Indonesian people and have won their trust and approval.

The company deals in prepared Chinese medicine, herbal medicine in small pieces for decoction and healthcare products and provides traditional Chinese medicine clinical services in internal medicine, surgery, acupuncture, naprapathy etc.

Business Hours: 9:00---12:00    14:00--18:00 


Doctor Information:

1、Zhang CuiQing, graduated from Capital University of Medical Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine department in 1978, latest occupied as deputy chief Oriental Medical Doctor from Huguosi TCM Hospital which was affiliated with Beijing TCM University. She treated internal diseases, pediatric diseases and all kinds of diseases for more than 30 years. In 1991 recommended as the best youth doctor in Beijing and in 1999 recommended as the best hygiene progressive doctor in Beijing and the best female doctor in Xicheng district.

Treating: stroke, chest pain, vertigo, retention of urine, stomach complaint, Bi syndrome, insomnia, cough and asthma, skin rash, etc. capable to use ancient medical literature. Chinese medical preparation, herbal medicine to treat kinds of diseases, especially in combining acupuncture, cupping therapy, auriculo therapy for treating cerebro vascular disease, cardio vascular disease, will give a good result. Treating pediatric digestion system, respiratory system, convulsion crying at night with clinical medical treatment and skin pinching therapy will give an excellent result.


2、Graduated from Beijing University of Chinese medicine, Attended in a advanced studies from Shanghai Academy of Chinese Medicine for one year. Be engaged in medical treatment clinic in the Beijing higher grade hospital of Chinese medicine. Had been followed some famous experts of Chinese medicine to study intensively many years, and published many papers in the domestic important science conference and publication of province. Participated in scientific research item of various grades for many times. Won the honour of the person with ability on compositive medical treatment in 1997-2000 .Learning by the numbers for Rehabilitation , especially have plenty clinic experience to treat the patient of Hemiplegia, and won the honour of excellent for scientific research item with Cholelithiasis. Former director of institute of Chinese medicine of Beijing XuanWu district, Former expert with Medical Treatment Accident Appraisal Committee, Former deputy director of hospital of Beijing national Chinese Medicine Research center for difficult cases and compositive hospital. Has particular opinion in the Chinese medicine` fields and succeed in treating difficult cases. Be accomplished in Internal disease, Chinese Traditional surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Acupuncture, Dermatosis, and good at using acupuncture and medication to treat in the short period of treatment.

Treating: Hypertension, Angiocardiopathy, Cerebrovascular disease, Apoplexy, Hemiplegia, Facial paralysis, Insomnia, etc  the neural disease, Hepatic and Gallbladder disease, Gastroenteritis, Fatty liver, Diabetes, Nephrosis, Respiratory disease, Gynecology myoma, Irregular menstruation, Pelvic inflammatory, Infertility, Acyesis, Endocrinopathy, Hyperplasia of mammary glands, Immune system and Hypersensitivity disease, Vasculitis, Phlebitis, etc and various difficult cases, Good effect on the Hepatic dysfunction and the Renal dysfunction.


3、Doctor Jiang Zhen He was born in Chinese medicine family,Studied acupuncture with father since childhood,Graduated from a Chinese medical college. Major in treat disease of orthopedics 、internal medicine with massage and skin-pinching technique. Research in diet, and be good at acupuncture to reduce weight.
Be adept in match with acupuncture and massage to treat cervical spondylopathy、prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc、scapulohumeral periarthritis、hyperosteogeny、soft tissue injury、rheumatic arthritis、dyspepsia、constipation、diarrhea etc.
    with acupuncture and ear- acupuncture to treat obesity 、acne、stain、internal secretion maladjustment、insomnia、headache etc.