TRT overseas E-commerce platform has been built and put into trial operation

2010-01-08 The Chinese-English bilingual E-commerce platform of Beijing TRT International Co., Ltd. has been built and put into trial operation in the overseas market. This indicates a brand new chapter of the internationalization of Beijing TRT. By making innovations on the marketing mode, widening the marketing channel and tapping the advantage of network platform, Beijing TRT International Co., Ltd. has built a directing marketing terminal network commerce platform. This is the only network marketing exit of Beijing TRT facing the overseas terminal. It is established by making full use of the central position of Hong Kong in the international logistics and relevant policy advantages in different areas. Covering all overseas regions that have postal links with Hong Kong except the mainland of China, it has the characteristics of payment globalization, online shopping automation and convenience in operation. It introduces the payment system that can be used universally. Clients from all over the world can directly pay on the website and receive the goods through mailing. The postage is automatically calculated on the website through the postage system of Hong Kong according to the address of the client. This has brought convenience to the use of consumers all over the world. The traditional Chinese culture of TRT can be transmitted to the rest of world in the form of words, pictures and videos. Besides the traditional Chinese version and English version, there will be versions in French, German and Japanese etc. to fill in the gap in the European, South American, African and Middle East markets. After the trial operation over 1 month, the platform will formally go online on August and the publicity activities will be launched first in Taiwan. This is in coincidence with the new release of policy to lift the control over the mailing of Chinese patent medicine in Taiwan, which will provide a more reliable commercial environment for the Chinese patent medicine of TRT to come into the Taiwan households. With the coming of the English version and French version in succession, the platform is planning to carry forward advertising publicity in major European web portals.