Beijing TRT opened new business in Brunei and took a new step in the overseas development.


On August 4 2009, the first TRT pharmacy in Brunei opened ceremoniously. A new step was taken in the overseas development of TRT. Up till then, the overseas terminals of TRT have expanded and reached to 16 countries and regions. More than 60 people including Tong Xiaoling, Chinese ambassador to Brunei, Zhang Cixiang, Brunei ambassador to China, Ding Yongling, General Manager of Beijing TRT International Co., Ltd., imperial kinsmen, government officials and several media in Brunei attended the opening ceremony. Ambassador Tong Xiaoling cut the ribbon for the ceremony.
Ambassador Tong Xiaoling remarked in the speech that the establishment of Beijing TRT (Brunei) Co., Ltd. symbolized the first initiative of the Chinese time-honored to carry forward traditional Chinese medicine in Brunei and it has made active contributions for the trade between the two countries and health of their people.
When interviewed by the local media, Ding Yongling with the International Company said, “What Beijing TRT sells is not only the precious medicines conducive to the health of the Brunei people. It also displays the traditional Chinese medicinal culture with five thousand years’ history.”