The company has successfully passed the GMP reinspection of Australian TGA.



From July 27 to July 31 2009, two Australian TGA inspectors conducted GMP reinspection of the 6 production lines in 6 production sites and Wangjiachang raw materials processing and Tongzhou base.
After having carefully inspected the Yizhuang factory, south factory, Wangjiachang medicinal materials processing workshop and the Yizhuang base and Tongzhou base of the science and technology company, the two inspectors gave the following appraisal of the GMP management system of the company. TRT has qualified and well-trained employees, improved quality management system and rules, complete SOP and records and advanced production technology and technological equipment (with the moving of the factory, the level of the technological equipment is also enhancing). The pill production line (including the packing line), medicinal materials extraction production line and warehouse system have all left deep impressions on the inspectors. The inspection and quality control of the medicines reach the highest level among companies inspected.